I started a blog (again) #8945

Phew… okay, I started a blog. I think I’ve written a post like this 8945 times. And now again. But this time with a plan!

Why my blogger career has always failed so far?
Up to now I tried in my blogs only share perfectly researched and written articles. But that means also, that the barrier to publishing an article is pretty high. I am nobody who sits down for half an hour, writes down a few lines and has already created the perfect article. For me writing is really hard work, I need a long time to structure my thoughts and to put them on paper.

The second aspect is that I lost the desire to write articles relatively fast. I have barely been able to gain knowledge through my blog.

In my opinion, Chris Adams has found an incredibly good way to use his own blog as a platform. Besides really good articles, which should provide knowledge to the reader, he also writes about ideas which are buzzing around in his head and uses the blog to validate these ideas and to get feedback.

My plan for this blog now looks like this:

  • I use this blog primarily as a platform to make my own research available to the general public, and
  • I will write posts to ideas that are buzzing around in my head in order to structure and better think on them on the one hand and to validate them through your feedback.

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